What is Beyond the Notes?


 Sarah Whitney, Founder & Artistic Director                           

Sarah Whitney, Founder & Artistic Director                           

 Greeting guests after BTN 2015

Greeting guests after BTN 2015

This is not your average concert.

Beyond the Notes is an interactive concert experience that combines performances and conversations with the audience to give the public more than what can be learned from reading the performers' bios. 

Audiences get to submit their questions, which will be drawn randomly and answered by the performers throughout the evening. 

Following the concert, all answered questions are answered on the Beyond the Notes website.

Too often there is a barrier between the audience and the performers when the audience knows little about the musicians they are watching. The mission of Beyond the Notes is to change that dynamic because getting to know the musicians on stage can significantly change the listening experience.  

Beyond the Notes presents its flagship concert in the Boston-area annually introducing a new guest artist or artists every year. Beyond the Notes has also gone on the road to present the innovative concert concept with audiences in other communities and hopes to continue to expand in that capacity to reach as many people as possible. 

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 Sarah Whitney, Founder & Artistic Director

 photo credit Alex Fedorov